PlaidMaker Updated Again


plaidPlaidMaker has been updated again. New features include:

  • New logo. The old one was too busy. Now it’s just the machine Arial font beside a small plaid.
  • New favicon. I really like this guy. And what’s cool about the favicon is that I made it using the PlaidMaker.
  • Added a plain English description of the hex color value on the plaid pages. I’m hoping this will help with SEO so that people searching for plaids of different colors can find what they’re looking for.
  • Fixed a logical bug where unused colors were being saved.

Still to do, amongst many other things:

  • Add a color picker. This is essential. All my non-nerd friends can’t make plaids because they don’t know the hex codes. I keep procrastinating on this.
  • Gallery search. Right now it’s a dumb list ordered chronologically.
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  1. Irvin Miles Says:

    Hi is there a new plaidmaker for CS5 ?

  2. banana Says:

    Hi Irvin,

    Unfortunately I’m not affiliated with the makers of the Photoshop plugin. Mine is strictly a web-based tool.


  3. Irvin Miles Says:

    Hi Sean,
    I understand.. I have found the Plaidmaker for CS5 :

  4. Dee Dee Says:

    The company that made Plaid Maker Pro plugin for Photoshop went out of business 2 years ago. They were called AGE Technologies. A lot of us in the textile industry had bought the plugins but now there are no updates or support. It is nice that you
    are offering this for free. I made one this morning called hunter plaid base on a woven plaid that i needed to recreate. it works but unfortunately only comes in at 72 dpi and for printing I need at least 150 to 300 dpi. can you add that function?

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