This Site Is Now Defunct.

For the sake of nostalgia, here are a few of my early (& embarrassing) projects.


Similar to Mad Libs, the Comic-O-Matic is a machine that prompts the reader for some words and produces a customized comic. This is probably my first run-in with Javascript. And Photoshop. And you can tell.

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Make Your Own Pizza

Make Your Own Pizza is a Flash application for choosing what toppings you’d like on your pizza. What’s neat about it is you can see an animation of the pizza being made in realtime.

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USA or Bust

Another school project for Flash, USA or Bust takes the viewer on a slideshow of a cross-country road trip, highlighting points along the map for each step of the way.

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PlaidMaker Prototypes

See early iterations of what is now

Checkout version 0.1, version 0.2, version 0.3.

Digital Fabric

Even before making a tool to make plaid patterns, I made a few by hand with MS Paint.

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